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Sunday Brunch and Lecture Series at Ivy Hall 2017/2018

Goodness, Truth and Beauty are the properties of God, and they inexorably draw us to Him. We were created by Him and for Him, and when we encounter those realities in our lives we encounter God. The IIC had presented a series of lectures entitled “In the Beauty of Holiness: Art, Architecture and the Transcendent”. A new series will begin October 8 with the title of “In the Beauty of Holiness: Music and the Transcendent.” A hot brunch will be served at 12:45 p.m. at Ivy Hall following the 11:30 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes. The lecture will begin at 2:00 p.m. The suggested donation for the brunch and lecture is $15 per person and $35 per family.

In the Beauty of Holiness: Music and the Transcendent

Sunday, October 15

"The Unity of Ascent: Musical Supplication and Redemption in Early Modern Venice"
- Dr. Sara Pecknold, Catholic University of America

Sunday, November 5

Pedro de Gante and the Creation of Euro-Aztec Catholic Song in Sixteenth Century Mexico
- Dr. Lorenzo Candelaria

Sunday, December 3

Gregorian Chant and the Spirit of Liturgical Prayer
- Dr. Timothy McDonnell

Sunday, January 7

“Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent: Words, Music, and the Adoration of Divine Love”
- Mark Bradford, former Director of Sacred Music, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

Sunday, February 4

Pythagoras, Bach and Universal Harmony in the Great B-Minor Mass
- Dr. Lorenzo Candelaria

Sunday, March 4

"Music in Honor of San Gennaro: Early Modern Martyr, Miracle Worker, and Musical Protagonist"
- Dr. Anthony DelDonna

Sunday, April 8

“The Island of Catholic Exuberance in Protestant Germany: Music of the Dresden Court”
- Dr. Timothy McDonnell


Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
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The IIC offers Latin classes throughout the year in the evening on Wednesdays, as well as full-time summer intensive courses. For more information, click here to contact the Institute.

Saturday, March 30
War of the Romantics Concert: Part 2

Saturday, May 18
Aftermath to The War of the Romantics: NEW HORIZONS


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