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April 23, 2004    7:30 PM       
Date: Friday, April 23rd  
Time: 7:30 p.m. followed by a reception 
Speaker: Barb Nicolosi, Director of Act One Programming  
Topic: “Reflections on Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’” 
Cost: $15/person, $5/students with ID 
Ivy Hall 
International Institute for Culture 
6331 Lancaster Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19151 
(215) 877-9910 
Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is a significant film on many levels. In terms of the climate of the entertainment industry, the film has the opportunity to usher in a new wave of projects that will present religious subjects in a positive light. The film also sets a new benchmark in terms of cinematic artistry, combining imagery, composition and editing to heighten its storytelling power. Ms. Nicolosi will discuss the film as a work of cinematic art and its implications for the broader entertainment and popular culture. 
Barbara Nicolosi, the Director of Act One Programming, has an MA in Film from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She has been a director of development, a reader for the Humanitas Prize and a consultant on many film and television projects. Her feature screenplay, Select Society, is being developed by Reel Life Women Productions, Bel Air. Nicolosi writes a media column for Ligourian Magazine, is on the executive committee of the City of the Angels Film Festival, and the board of CIMA and frequently addresses writers’ conferences on screenwriting and the arts. 
Nicolosi notes that the goal of ACT ONE is not to produce religious screenplays, but rather screenplays that will reflect a Christian world-view. “All truth is God’s truth,” Nicolosi comments, “it's just a matter of giving the truth a compelling platform through cinema so that God can reach through and touch human lives. As a Church, we have allowed ourselves to be defined in the popular culture by mostly non-believers. It’s not Hollywood's fault if we don't see our values reflected there. Once called ‘the patron of the arts,’ the Church has too often in recent years been the prey of the arts. This has had dire consequences for the whole popular culture. Up till now, the Christian community has responded to Hollywood with mostly ineffectual boycotting and protesting. Act One represents an offensive strategy in the culture wars. The goal of Act One is to prepare Christian writers who can compete professionally and artistically in the demanding field of screen writing.” 
See the website below for more information: 
Articles by Barbara Nicolosi, including her movie review and her "definition of a Christian film" are available at: 


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