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October 24, 2009    9:00 AM       
Evolution: The Untold Story. 
Latest Scientific Discoveries Challenge Darwinian Evolution's Fitness to Survive. 
When: October 24, 2009 
9AM to 4PM 
Where: The Villanova Conference Center 
601 Country Line Road 
Radnor, PA 10807 
Registration: See Below 
Schedule: Click here to download 
Why Random Mutation and Natural Selection are not capable of building the complex,coherent, molecular machinery recently discovered in the cell. 
Dr. Michael Behe,
Professor of Biological Science, Lehigh University 
Author of Darwin’s Black Box (1996) 
and The Edge of Evolution (2007). 
Taking an axe to the Primary Axiom: 
Mathematical proof that Man is devolving, not evolving and why Random Mutation and Natural Selection are powerless to stop it. 
Dr. John Sanford
Cornell University, 
Founder Sanford Scientific, Inc., 
and founder of Feed My Sheep Foundation – 
Author of Genetic Entropy (2005). 
Removing The Darwinian Fig Leaf: what modern carbon dating reveals about the true age of the Dinosaur. 
Hugh Miller
Research chemist, 
Co-author of the paper “Recent C-14 Dating of Fossils Including Dinosaur Bone Collagen.” 
Catholics engage in the Great Debate. Rome considers the evidence and articulates guidelines. 
Hugh Owen
Historian, writer and Director of the 
Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation 
The Importance of the evolution dialogue to Catholics and the Implications for Our Children 
Dr. John Haas
National Catholic Bioethics Center. 
What do we do with this information? What is the impact on us as Catholics 
and on our children?
Facilitator: Brian Gail
Speaker and author of the book Fatherless. 
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Adult: $25.00/each
Student: $12.50/each

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