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October 18, 2015    6:30 PM       
Join the Southeast Pennsylvania Chesterton Society for their next meeting when they will discuss Chesterton's biography of the great "Angelic Doctor," Saint Thomas Aquinas. 
Etienne Gilson, arguably the foremost Thomistic scholar of the 20th century, had this to say about this remarkable work: 
I consider it as being without possible comparison the best book ever written on St. Thomas. Nothing short of genius can account for such an achievement. Everybody will no doubt admit that it is a “clever” book, but the few readers who have spent twenty or thirty years in studying St. Thomas Aquinas, and who, perhaps, have themselves published two or three volumes on the subject, cannot fail to perceive that the so-called “wit” of Chesterton has put their scholarship to shame. He has guessed all that which they had tried to demonstrate, and he has said all that which they were more or less clumsily attempting to express in academic formulas. Chesterton was one of the deepest thinkers who ever existed; he was deep because he was right; and he could not help being right; but he could not help being modest and charitable too, so he left it to those who could understand him to know that he was right, and deep; to the others, he apologized for being right, and he made up for being deep by being witty.
Don't miss what's bound to be a great discussion! All are welcome for this event; a free will offering is accepted as pizza and beverages will be provided. 
To RSVP for the meeting, or to learn more about the Southeast Pennsylvania Chesterton Society, please visit their webpage.
Free will offering: $/each

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