International Institute for Culture

May 19, 2018    7:30 PM       
A Special Lecture + Visual Concert Presentation 
ensembles with 
piano and strings 
Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann was a Prussian Romantic author of fantasy and Gothic horror. He wrote tales which led to such famous musical productions as “The Tales of Hoffmann” and “The Nutcracker Suite.” He was also a composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist. A great admirer of Beethoven, Hoffman saw music as, 
“the most Romantic of all arts… it unlocks for mankind an unknown realm—a world with nothing in common with the surrounding outer world of the senses...  
“Thus Beethoven’s instrumental music opens to us the realm of the monstrous and immeasurable, and we sense giant shadows surging to and fro… 
“Only with this pain of love, hope, joy—which consumes but does not destroy—we live on, enchanted seers of the ghostly world!” 

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General: $27/each
Senior: $22/each
Student: $10/each

Latin Lives at Ivy Hall
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